Living with Your Pets Despite Allergies

Most of the people enjoy sharing their homes and their lives with pets even those who are allergic to animals. Many people believe that once they are diagnosed with a pet allergy and they have no choice but to remove their pets from their family. There are many solutions that will be explored to allow an allergy sufferer to keep your beloved pets managing their allergies.

Understand your pet allergies

If an allergy test shows that you are allergic to your pet then it is important to understand the causes your allergic reaction to them. The reaction of someone to these allergens will be different from one person to the other person. The reaction will range from sneezing to life-threatening asthma. Someone will have an allergic reaction that depends on both the individual person and the individual animal. A person with animal allergies will react less to dogs with soft and constantly growing hair.

You may hear about the breeds of dogs and cats that are non-allergenic and that are hypoallergenic. Even hairless breeds will cause a severe allergic reaction.

How to reduce the allergens and your symptoms?

If you are allergic to your pet and your reaction are not life threatening. There will be many ways to reduce the indoor allergens and symptoms so that you and your pet can live together comfortably.

To reduce the symptoms, here are some simple steps.

  • Create an allergy free zone – you have to create an allergy-free zone in your home. The main thing is the allergic person bedroom and you have to strictly prohibit the pets. You can consider using impermeable covers for the mattress and pillows.
  • HEPA air cleaners – you can use HEPA air cleaners throughout the rest of the home and avoid dust catching furnishings like cloth curtains and carpeted floors. You have to clean frequently to remove dust and wash the things like covers, pillows, and curtains. You can find the best HEPA air purifiers and vacuums for your home with the suggestions on HealthEssential.
  • Bathe your pet – to reduce the level of allergy you can bath your pet on a weekly basis. Cats can get used to being bathed but it is critical to use products that are labeled. Check with your veterinarian’s staff and a book on pet care for directions about safe bathing. It is the best idea to use a shampoo that is recommended by your veterinarian.
  • Don’t be quick to blame the family pet for allergies – many allergy sufferers are sensitive to more than one allergen. This will reduce the overall allergen level in your environment by concentrating all the causes.
  • Treatments – some other treatments for allergies to pets are included antihistamine nose sprays and antihistamine pills. It is important to find an allergist who understands your commitment to living with your pet. There will be medical control of symptoms and good housecleaning. It is likely to succeed in allowing an allergic person to live with pets.

It is worth to preserve the bond between you and your pet by checking if you are truly allergic to your pet.